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What if money is meaningless?

What if money lost its meaning and importance in the world? Would you still put effort into what you’re investing in? Would it change the way you treat people or the relationships you pursue? Would it affect your sense of who you are? What would change for you if money was out of the picture?

When billionaires start giving their money away, publicly advising what to invest it in, one can come to a logical conclusion. These questions need to be personally and sincerely addressed as soon as possible, so a course correction to meaning can follow.


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I’m done with the Art world

Having spent two decades trying to fit into a group that had nothing to do with me, I have decided to move on. It’s one of the happiest experiences of my life to let the past go and follow what my soul desires!

This is something I should have done a long time ago. Fear of change, of outgrowing the somewhat comfortable image I built for myself kept me from doing it. It used to be my main source of income. Now it has become a vicious, oppressive, and arrogantly judgemental place for me to be.

As soon as I started sharing things that were not easy for others to understand or accept, I was censored. It was the final push I needed to jump out of it in search of something meaningful.

I want to write and paint. I want to be able to express myself without inhibitions, without worrying about other people’s reactions. I thought the art scene was the appropriate place for that to happen, but I...

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